Future visioning

What difference will you make for customers in the long-term?

What big and important problem do you solve for customers? What role do you play in the market? What does this look like 3, 5 or 10 years from now?

A future vision aligns your business leaders and teams to work on increasing relevance and creating more value for customers. It supports them in making strategic choices and accelerate the development of new business models and value propositions.

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The results

We work on your long-term and customer-driven vision at the overall organizational level and/or the business (unit) level. The overall results delivered are:

A bold and clearly articulated vision
that inspires your people to work on new ways to create value for customers.


Motivating people to contribute
A vision story that communicates what the future looks like in a direct and compelling way, motivating people to contribute to make it happen.


A shared vision
A vision that is shared because people shaped it together.


A lean communication plan
A plan for actively spreading and using the vision story within the organization.



Project building blocks

We challenge you and your team to be bold and clear about long-term value creation for customers and stakeholders. We offer a team-based learning-by-doing journey that challenges you, your leadership team and business teams to have a bold ambition and craft a clear vision that provides strategic direction for growing your business or businesses in new and exciting ways.


Intensive preparation


Content design & research


Facilitate strategic conversations


Create an appealing story


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