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In this value space we work together with people and companies that are on a mission to digitally connect people and systems through the creation of technologies and platforms.

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Then this page is for you. We see rapid technology developments happening that unlock new opportunities and put current business models under pressure. Explore our latest inspirational content and business cases to spark new ideas to stay ahead. Enjoy!

Metaverse Playbook

3 metaverse business models to learn from.


Building your business in the metaverse is probably on your ‘to explore’ list. To give you a head start, we’ve created this playbook which guides you towards this digital world.


At the forefront with GoSpooky, technology is about people.


In this first episode of the ‘Where’s value next?’ podcast, we’ve invited Tim van der Wiel, co-founder of Gospooky, the no. 1 company that transforms the way social content is created and consumed. Tune in for 20 minutes and find out Gospooky’s secret sauce to success.

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