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Here we create unforgettable immersive customer experiences that strengthen your brand and boost your business.
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Experiences that delight people and drive business growth.

Think about some of the brands you love. What do they have in common? They create experiences that make you feel valued as a customer and as a person. When your customers are satisfied, they tend to spend more, stick around longer, and give you insights that can steer your growth strategy and business innovation. 

In today's digital world, your customers aren't just looking for transactions, they are seeking meaningful connections. That’s why we believe that customer experience isn't just a buzzword; it is the cornerstone of building lasting relationships, creating advocates for your brand and accelerating your business growth. Ready for the experience of a life time ? Let's go.

Experience Strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy at Business Models Inc

Experience Strategy.

Service design.

Service design.

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Rapid prototyping.

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Digital products.

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Redefining patient engagement in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare start-up VIEF is on a mission to redesign the way healthcare is delivered in The Netherlands. In this joint venture between Business Models Inc. and Sensire we are building an online platform that connects consumers, like you and me, directly to the right healthcare provider in your region based on your personal needs. Ready to read how we went from envisioning the future to actually building it together with patients and partners?

We are not just creating moments, we are creating memories that resonate on a personal level.


Streamlined customer-centric processes that increase conversion and boost your revenue, reduce operational costs and improve the profitability of your practice.

A positive culture of innovation and customer-centricity, that makes your team more engaged with your customers and connected to the organization's mission. 

A stronger brand reputation through customers turned loyal advocates, spreading your story, and enhancing your brand's image.

How do we get you to results?

1. Get clarity.

Crafting a customer experience that makes your customers come back for more starts with understanding your current situation. We step into your customer's shoes, listen to their stories, and learn what they love. We blend this with the latest trends and technologies and craft a vision for your business that's all about your (future) customers. This way you get a crystal-clear dot on the horizon that will help with your strategic decision-making process and accelerate your design process in the next phase. 

2. From insights to innovation.

With your vision as a starting point we begin our design adventure. Through the process of ideation, we come up with many new ideas to take your services to the next level. We map your customer journeys and work on a detailed overview that shows how your new and improved service will work. This so-called service blueprint allows you to work together with different teams and different departments and deliver a consistent customer experience throughout   

We refine our ideas through in-market experiments with your (future) customers. We build prototypes and put our ideas to the test. This way we are building the confidence that we are creating a service that is not only appealing, but that really makes an impact in the life your customers.

3. Get ready for the launch.

We understand that embracing service design and placing services at the core of your organization can be a transformational journey. We work closely with your team, ensuring everyone is on board and ready for the change.

Once all the pieces are in place and thorough testing is complete, it's the moment of truth. With a meticulously planned go-live strategy, we release your enhanced customer experience in your key markets. Watch it as it captivates the hearts of your customers and it launches your business to new heights. 

“Together with BMI we have been on a relentless endeavours to redesign the healthcare experience for both patients and caregivers. ”

Maarten van Rixtel.
Maarten van Rixtel, Board of Directors Sensire Healthcare.

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