Our Playbooks.

Ready to get inspired? Gain new and valuable insights from our innovative playbooks. From business models and strategic plays, to case studies and fun puzzles. We've got it all!

Impact Playbook.

Ready to make a positive impact on the world?

The Impact playbook gives you insight in current trends, provides real-world examples from Nike Grind Radius Recycling, and Brambles, and helps you embrace an impact-driven mindset.

Want to play with some more books? you can find them here:

Health & well-being.


Dive into our health & well-being playbook, where we present 3 companies that show how new value and positive impact are created for consumers and society.

Food playbook.


In this playbook we give you different perspectives on food value chains and what they can look like in the future. Let's explore 3 companies at the forefront of this change.

Connectivity playbook.


Explore how companies are building their business in the metaverse. This playbook will give you a more thorough answer to why and how you can hop on this virtual train.

Summer Playbook.


Are you looking to take some time off but still wanting to keep your creative juices flowing? Our Summer Playbook is designed to do just that.

Business model portfolio.


Gain a better understanding of your business models and optimize your portfolio for long-term growth and success.

Enough of digital? Let's get physical! Get your hands on our Design a Better Business Book.