Value space: Health & well-being.

In this value space we work together with those companies who aim to enhance people’s physical and mental health & well-being.

A new prescription for the future.

The current healthcare system is focused on cure instead of prevention. Luckily, innovations are on the rise that have the right goal in mind: staying healthy. And who doesn't want a prescription for that? Explore our latest content and cases to bring the health back in healthcare.

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Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Moving beyond KPI's: How Quan places well-being at the heart of success.


Learn about employee well-being and company culture in this podcast with Arosha Brouwer, CEO & Co-Founder of Quan.

Blog_redesign healthcare

What if… we redesign the healthcare system and put people at the center?


Redesigning the healthcare system starts with asking yourself some imaginative questions, as well as looking at inspiring companies that are already creating value in new ways. Step out of your day-to-day activities and zoom out to look at the big picture.

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Roland Wijnen
Roland Wijnen