Business model innovation.

This is where tomorrow’s breakthrough business models
are built. We are here for you at every step of your journey. From idea to value.
Different routes to business model innovation

Business models that are about people, planet and profit.

We believe that the problems our world is facing today are your biggest opportunities for the future. It's up to you to build a business that creates value for your customers, our society and the world around us.

Your journey toward future value is exciting! It is full of uncertainty but filled with beautiful customer insights and ground-breaking validation experiments. And we are here for all of it! Because we are on a mission to design, build, and grow better businesses – businesses that are all about people, planet and profit.

We design, build and grow business that make real impact.

International Airport Schipol, BAM Infra, Microsoft and OrangeNXT started a co-innovation partnership called GoinGDutch. They want to create the ultimate end-to-end bicycle experience for commuters around busy cities and airports by building interactive fast lanes, supporting smart mobility solutions and creating a powerful biking community. Their goal is to get a fitter professional population while also playing an important role in reducing the Dutch CO2 footprint.

GoingDutch_Johan Winnubst

You don't make big decisions based on small insights.

Validated value propositions ready to be fast-tracked to market.
A more engaged team that knows how to innovate better and faster.

How do we get you to results?

1. Let's get customer focused.

We believe that customers hold the key to your companies success, surprise!
That’s why we involve real customers, every step of the way. We get you out of the building to meet them in real life.

Once you have a deeper understanding of your customers and their ever-evolving needs, you will design products and services that matter to them.

2. From a million ideas to promising designs.

Ok. Maybe not a million ideas. But we come up with a lot of them. Based on the opportunities and threats in your context, and the strength in weaknesses in your current business model we ideate new ways to create value in the future or we find ways to improve your current products and services.

We select the most promising ideas and turn them into on-strategy business model options.

3. Fake-it-till-you-make-it, but do it with confidence.

Armed with brilliant business model designs we start building your brand new value proposition. But hold your horses, we always start small.

We have a solid idea on paper, but who says your customers will love it as much as we do? Who says we have the capabilities to build it? You can count on us to run data-driven experiments based on our extensive test library. With each experiment, we get more confident that we are building the right solution. And if not, well, we kill our darlings and start ideating again.

“We often work with BMI, because of their design thinking expertise, the creativity in finding solutions to new business challenges and their visual, energetic and fast way of working.”

Hubertien Koopman Global Head of Innovation at Heineken.
Hubertien Koopman Global Head of Innovation at Heineken.
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