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In a world that never stands still, yesterday’s business models will not win tomorrow’s game. Success in a landscape where change is the only constant requires more than small tweaks. It demands making audacious moves into the future, to innovate for what’s next, starting today.

At Business Models Inc., we help you stay ahead by innovating outside your core business. We unlock new revenue streams, transform bold ideas into value, and build the innovation capabilities you need to win. This way, you keep doing at what you do best, while we ensure you do not just survive but lead and redefine the game.

Our services: 

⏤ Circular innovation. 

⏤ Innovation strategy. 

⏤ Business model innovation.  

⏤ Innovation organization.  

⏤ Open innovation.  

⏤ Accelerator programs.    

"Co-creation helped us make innovation accessible to all employees. With support from BMI, we improved our innovation process.”

- Stiven Kerestegian, Head of innovation INGKA.

Highlight: Our approach to business model innovation.

With us, every innovation starts an exploration of new opportunities, be it an emerging customer need, groundbreaking technology, or an uncharted market territory.

Together with your innovation team, we brainstorm bold ideas and new business models worth pursuing. Through a mix of quick experiments—both qualitative and quantitative— and our advanced validation tool Vurvey AI we put these business models to the test in the real world with your customers and communities.

Next, we dive deeper, creating a business case to get a clear picture of the financial possibilities and build a technical proof of concept.

Armed with convincing evidence, we are ready to take the final step: building and launching products or services that customers not only love but ignite revenue growth and pave the way for future success.


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