Strategy design.

Discover where value is next 
for your (future) customers 
and create a strategy to capture it.
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Are you looking for your next business model?

Just look outside. Yes, you can borrow our binoculars. The world around you, and your business, is filled with innumerable opportunities to create game-changing businesses. These opportunities are yours for the taking if you know how to look for them. 


Explore futures.

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Define a vision.

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Activate teams.

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1. Explore different futures.

Look outside of your business! The world is beautiful. Evolving customer needs and shape-shifting technologies are unlocking a huge amount of potential to create value for your customers in the future. 

We can imagine that it is hard to keep up with the latest and greatest while you are also running your business, but we don’t want you to miss out on big business opportunities – so we get you to a point where you have a comprehensive overview of different scenarios for your future. And where there are value- creation opportunities worth pursuing. Interesting? Check out how we explored future scenarios with Herman Miller.

What do you get:

  • A clear picture of possible futures (based on key contextual trends and developments) 

  • Different scenarios for the role you want to play in the life of your (future) customers.  

  • Identified value spaces: opportunities areas for future value creation.  

strategic visioning
Value Space Explorations
Impact and Innovation Strategies

2. Define a vision.

The world is quite dynamic, to say the least. It challenges us with a lot of uncertainties about the future. We completely understand that you might get overwhelmed when it comes to making the right strategic choices.

That’s why we love to help you get a crystal-clear vision for the future. Let’s call it the North Star on your journey. Together we define what role your company wants to play, what long-term value creation means to you, and how you are going to make an impact. Once we have that shared image of the future, it will be your guide to navigate the strategic decision-making process. Plus, it will be your rally cry to engage and activate your team to get to actual results for your business, our society, and our planet. Curious to see how we get to that point (pun intended)? Check out how we teamed up with BNP Paribas Fortis. 

What do you get:

  • A shared vision with quantified growth & impact ambition.

  • Identified bold and strategic steps to achieve your vision.

  • A shared image and storyline to engage and activate your team.

3. Activate your team.

You know where your business is coming from, and you know where you want to go (insert pun about Cotton Eye Joe). Now all you need is a plan to get from A to B. Easy!

If only it was. Because by the time you finished the cover page of your plan, the world looks different. So, we sketch some on-strategy business model options that lead to a diverse portfolio. What you get is a roadmap with different innovation routes to take. Some are closer to your current business, some so far off that we take you way beyond your expectations, each journey bringing you closer to realizing your vision.

We bring along your entire team and organization because if you want to go far, you travel together. No worries, we have been on this trip many times before. Actually, we have won awards for this. So just like Wavin you are in safe hands. Go check out their story.

What do you get:

  • Detailed design of 3 – 6 business models and value propositions in line with your vision.

  • A solid validation plan to build and grow the selected business model(s). 

Having a strategy and being strategic are two different things.

Enterprise strategy.

Just like the black-eyed peas once sang; keep running, running. Even the most successful organization can no longer stand still. They must keep moving or risk becoming irrelevant. 

It can feel overwhelming to know what should matter most to your business today, and what will matter most to your customers tomorrow. But we have your back. 

Next to our kick-ass innovation team we have a dedicated team that can help you solve even the most complex efficiency problems. Let’s work on a long-term game-plan to execute your complex, multi-faced enterprise strategy. 

Sound interesting? Reach out to Kalan at our Australia office.

You are in good company.

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