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Discover 6 ways to create new value for your customers and learn about what steps need to be taken in order to make the appropriate shift for your business model.

About the book

Never before has the business world seen so much radical change. This change is accelerating, casting a spotlight on the economy and pointing out the businesses and business models that must adapt or die trying.

Business Model Shifts, by the bestselling producers and authors behind Business Model Generation and Design a Better Business, takes you on a groundbreaking journey of six fundamental business model shifts designed to maximize customer value creation.

icon-value-hand giftLearn why and how value creation is changing and where value is next.

icon-buildingsLearn from companies who are at the forefront of the shift movements how to create, deliver and capture value.

Icons_rocketGet practical insights on how to shift your own business model.

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The book wil benefit

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Business leaders

As a business leader you and your team persistently strive for success. You constantly work on how to stay relevant. Therefore you need to understand what’s happening around you to see where’s value next. Business Model Shifts helps you and your team to understand the context and to make the appropriate shift for your business.

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As innovator you embrace the idea of doing things differently and you challenge the status quo. You consider new possibilities and love to achieve growth. You turn a vision into new products and services. Business Model Shifts offers you 6 spaces to discover and explore new business models.

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Wether you are working on circular solutions, exponential challenges, focussing on stakeholders, building platforms, moving towards services, or are concentrating on a digital world, this book helps you to understand the contextual trends and inspires you to create new value.

6 ways to create new value for your customers

Shift Icons_From Products to services

From products to services

We tend to praise products, perhaps even knowing deep down that it’s not about the product, but the benefits that we get from them that really count. The difference then, between products and services, is that services deliver those benefits to customers directly, getting the job done without ownership or upkeep to worry about.


From shareholder to stakeholder

Generating revenue and making a profit is a result, not a goal. In the long- term, a company will destroy shareholder value if it doesn’t continuously create amazing value for customers, thereby neglecting its stakeholders.

Shift Icons_From Physical to digital

From physical to digital

We humans are physical, tactical creatures. The physicality of objects makes them more tangible to us. Yet, every day we take one step closer to some hybrid version of who we are, merging the online and offline worlds we live in.

Shift Icons_From pipeline to platform

From pipeline to platform

Throughout history, the biggest companies used pipeline business models to become what they are today. Yet, it took only a decade for new entrants, using platform business models, to eat their lunch. Why push when you can create pull?

Shift Icons_From incremental to exponential

From incremental to exponential

Most business models start out their existence with a short burst of expo- nential growth followed by a long period of linear growth, if they grow at all. However, this does not need to be the case. What if you could inject your business model with some secret sauce that would take it from 10% growth to 10X growth?

Shift-Icons_From-linear to circular

From linear to circular

Our traditional economy has limits to growth because linear business models use up resources to make products that eventually go to waste. Circular business models overcome these limits and build an economy where business growth and a positive socio-environmental impact reinforce each other.

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Patrick van der Pijl

Patrick van der Pijl

Patrick is CEO of Business Models Inc. producer of the worldwide bestseller Business Model Generation and co-author of Design a Better Business. He is passionate to help entrepreneurs, leaders, rebels, and corporate companies to innovate their business model and design a future strategy.

Justin Lokitz

Justin Lokitz is an experienced Business designer and Managing director of the Business Models Inc. San Francisco office. He leverages his experiences across a wide range of industry sectors to help companies design innovative, sustainable business models and strategies for the future.

Roland Wijnen

Roland Wijnen

Roland is fanatic about understanding how businesses are evolving. As a long-time Business designer at Business Models Inc. in the Netherlands, he uses those insights to challenge and support companies to go make their shift.

Maarten van Lieshout

Maarten van Lieshout is a passionate design thinker and strategic storyteller. He is the designer of the bestseller Design a Better Business. His visual and design skills helps companies to dive into uncertainty and explore new strategic futures and create value for their customers.

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