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Patrick as keynote speaker.

Patrick van der Pijl is CEO of Business Models Inc., worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, and renowned business model strategist. Patrick founded Business Models Inc (BMI•), a global business design agency on strategy and innovation in 2009 with offices in US, Europe, Australia and Taiwan. He has a passion for strategic visioning, graphic facilitation and storytelling. BMI• was awarded with the Pioneer Design Award for democratization of the innovation and strategy tools. His company is also the proud winner of the Australian Good Design Pioneer Award and the American Design Management Institute Award.

Best selling author

Patrick is producer of bestseller book Business Model Generation which sold over four million copies in 37 languages. USA Today named Business Model Generation among the 12 best business books of all time, and the German edition was named Management Book of the Year. Patrick co-authored the book Design a Better Business, new tools, skills and mindset for strategy and innovation. The book ranked #1 on Amazon new releases in Strategy books and is translated in 15 languages. Patrick also co-authored his latest book Business Model Shifts, 6 new ways to create value for customers which launched November 2020.

Renowned business model strategist

Patrick has researched over a 200 global business models for his latest book called “Business Model Shifts” 6 shifts in business modeling from pipeline to platform, analog to digital, shareholder to stakeholder, singular to circular, products to services and linear toexponential.

Patrick has been doing over 500 keynotes in more than 30 countries. His keynote topics are about:

  • Strategy and innovation in times of uncertainty.

  • Business model Innovation.

  • Circulair business models.

  • Platform business models.

  • Business model shifts.

  • How to manage your business model portfolio.

  • Business model strategy.

CEO Amsterdam

Patrick van der Pijl

Author Design a Better Business, design do-er, Amsterdam, inspiration, getting things done, full of ideas, Mini Cooper, strategic smart ass, creator, rebel.

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"Patrick's keynote was just amazing and many people make me very positive feedback about it! Very inspiring, very relevant, very captivating! One of the best talks during these 3 days." 

- Marine Pilliat, Adeo Services