Patrick van der Pijl.

Visionary strategist,
best-selling author, and
CEO of Business Models Inc.

”Companies that navigate uncertainty best are the winners of tomorrow.”

From his early childhood, Patrick has shown a natural entrepreneurial spirit and a great understanding of how our world is constantly evolving and the future is taking shape. In his professional career Patrick helps leaders from across the globe to create new value and positive impact. Described as an 'inspirational visionary and great strategic mind’ Patrick captivates audiences with his fresh perspectives, appealing cases and his versed storytelling.

Patrick is the producer of evergreen bestseller Business Model Generation which sold over five million copies in 37 languages. USA Today named this book among the 12 best business books of all time. Patrick is co-author of Design a Better Business and Business Model Shifts. This approach to design thinking is awarded with 3 Good Design Australia Awards.

“I have never experienced such a high energy keynote speaker with a crystal-clear story about business models.”

John van der Ent, CEO SPAR Retail NL.


Patrick provides inspirational keynotes on a.o. the following topics:

  • Strategy in times of uncertainty. Learn how to navigate your company in an ever-faster changing world.

  • Business model shifts. Discover the 6 ways to create new value for your customers, your company and the world around you.

  • Creating an innovation culture. How to build an innovation powerhouse en set yourself up for future success.

  • Design thinking on steroids. How digitalization and new technologies elevate design thinking to a completely different level.

CEO Amsterdam

Patrick van der Pijl

Author Design a Better Business, design do-er, Amsterdam, inspiration, getting things done, full of ideas, Mini Cooper, strategic smart ass, creator, rebel.

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