How we design the right environment for our team to ride & glide toward success.

As management consultant Peter Drucker once said: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This blog post gives an insider's look into how we design the right environment for our team to grow their talents.

It's your team that makes the dream work.

Making your future vision a reality all comes down to your team. Because at the end of the day, it’s your people who are going to turn your strategy into action. 

At Business Models Inc. we are on a mission to solve the big problems in the world by helping our clients seize the business opportunities of the future. We believe that our team, full of entrepreneurial spirits, has the superpower to bring our and our clients' strategies to the next level. In fact, we consider our talents are the driving force behind our company.

That’s why we spend a lot of time together as a team to create the right environment for our work hard, play hard culture.

There is no I in team, but there is in innovation.

Designed for the individual, powered by the entire team. 

We organize different activities throughout the year. Some of the activities are focused on personal and professional development. Others are there to engage the entire team and to align on our strategy.

Amongst all activities there is always one annual highlight. This year's peak (pun indented) is a trip to the Austrian Alps. But there is one thing that all of these activities have in common: they are all designed using our own design thinking methodology.

Here's how we went about designing our ski-trip with a purpose.

1. Design with the end in mind.

We used our own design criteria canvas to define the most important requirements for our trip in line with our overall strategy. An absolute must for this trip is that we want to travel with as little environmental impact as possible. So when we booked tickets we skipped the Skyscanner and immediately went for train tickets.

The second most important design criteria was that everybody should feel invited to join the trip. Some of our colleagues are born with skies under their feet. Others will be going for their first ever apres-ski experience. Regardless of the experience the program should include something for everyone. 

2. Create an experience from A to Austria.

Part of the fun is the anticipation. But the trip obviously starts long before we pack your suitcase.

When designing the experience, we consider the entire (customer) journey, just like we do with our client projects.

That means we have an entire 4-week program before the trip to engage all the team members and to get everybody up to speed. Based on fun, sporty and educational activities, everybody is prepared to go down the slopes in a few weeks. We all track our team's progress in our Miro Board.

3. Get your team excited.

We are currently counting down the days until our trip. It’s now our biggest goal to engage our entire team in all of the activities. We have 4 teams competing for their train tickets to Austria.

Here’s an overview of some of the activities we are doing:

  • Create our own team charter with team goals for this trip.

  • Practice our Company Pitch in German.

  • And warm-up our muscles with 1-minute wall sits.

In the next couple of weeks will tag you along for the ride.

All year round activations.

Activating your strategy is a more than once-time-a-year activity. Therefore, we make it a top priority to support our team every day of the year. By designing diverse activities that develop our unique superpowers, we ensure our team is ready to perform at high speed. So join us on our journey!  

Want to know how to activate your strategy with your team?

Meet Stefan. He is a real team builder.

Stefan Buijsingh
Stefan Buijsingh