Diane Shen

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Diane Shen keynote speaker

Diane is Creative Director who co-manages Business Models Inc Taipei office. Her mixed background empowers her to resonate diverse audience. She is a service designer who also specialises in business strategy; she is an experienced user researcher who knows how to construct software architecture.

Diane has extensive experience working with clients from multinational corporates and startups on solving complex innovation challenges or ambiguous business problems: new business incubation, customer experience re-design, and internal cultural change. She works with client team throughout the innovation funnel, from ideation to validation. Her passion is to make things real and her belief is in “doing not talking.” Before her journey with BMI, she worked with Accenture, a global management consulting firm, and prior to that, Cognizant in India. Diane infuses multi-culture perspectives into the way she designs, creates and lives.

When it comes to storytelling, Diane is a sincere and empathetic speaker, sharing inspiring stories with rich context based on her client case to help audience understand sophisticated topics. She is an advocator with free spirit who encourages and guides people to find new ways of doing things for better results.

Diane is a regular speaker on design, business and innovation events and conference in both English or Chinese. She provides keynotes and workshop in various subjects: ‘Business Model Shift’, ‘Service Design in Action’, ‘Customer Experience Design’, ‘Circular Business Model Design’, ‘Circular Service Design’, ‘Social Innovation’, ‘Culture eats strategy for lunch: New mindset, New skills, New tools’, ‘10 things I wish I knew about Strategy Design’

Diane is also a co-founder of Service Design Network Taiwan Chapter and a contributer of the best selling book “Design A Better Business.”

Photos credits to Chiao Chiang