What companies can learn from the customer journey of the Golden State Warriors

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The first week of my internship in San Francisco was all about getting used to the environment and exploring the city. As a sports geek, one of the events still on the to-do list was to go to an NBA game and the opportunity presented itself with the Golden State Warriors game.  

Not only did I enjoy watching the game, but I also had an amazing time from start to finish. So, what can other companies learn from the customer journey of the Golden State Warriors?

Rewarding loyal visitors

As a tourist, I didn’t want to miss any second of the experience. I came in early and was rewarded with a Steph Curry action figure, the Golden State Warriors’ biggest star! It turns out early visitors are given presents but they are not the only ones. The coin-flip before the game was done by a young guy and his dad who were rewarded for having season tickets already for 17 years. Another pair was given tickets to a concert, also as a reward for being a season ticket holder for many years.

Building a community by involving visitors

The experience was punctuated by several performances throughout the entire game: from the various dance groups of all ages and levels, to the young basketballers playing during half-time and a performance from one of the finalists from American Got Talent, we got it all.

This way, Golden State Warriors is giving its community a chance to perform in the Chase Center and the emotional memory of this day and the connection with the Golden State Warriors will stay with them forever. Additionally, the support of the local community strengthens the Golden State Warriors’ brand integrity.

Engage visitors by interacting with them

Every single break, visitors were engaged in an activity. The dance, kiss, and beard cams gave visitors the chance to get their moment of fame.

Supporters were also given several chances to win multiple prizes: with their online multiplayer game, supporters were able to win a trip to Las Vegas and up to $500 with ‘the easy money” game. This created an exciting environment for all visitors, knowing that they could walk out of the stadium with such prize.

Raffle tickets were also the perfect opportunity to raise money for charities. At the end of the game, one of the tickets would be chosen and given 50% of all the money that was spent on buying the tickets while the other 50% were donated to a good cause.

A lot of people didn’t go empty-handed out of the stadium with the satisfying feeling that they had won something.

From the beginning to the end

Although the Warriors lost, everyone walked out of the stadium with a smile and a feeling of fulfilment. As a visitor, you are taken on a journey that is enjoyable from start to finish.

Throughout the entire experience, the Golden State Warriors are doing their best to engage and get you involved in the process. By using the community, sponsors, and visitors they create memorable events in every step of the customer journey without spending much money on it.

I never had such an amazing experience visiting a sports event. I suggest that every organization pay close attention to creating a successful customer journey, just as the Golden State Warriors did for me.


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