Exponential business models

Business models are changing faster than ever. Within this change, we've identified various shifts across industries. From analog to digital, from singular to circular, from a pipeline to platforms and from linear business models to exponential ones. In this webinar series, we will help you to understand how you can begin to make exponential shifts in your business model.

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In these webinars, Patrick van der Pijl and Justin Lokitz will be your hosts. They will take you through the different layers of Exponential business models using case studies and applying it to businesses that are yet to join this game-changing movement.

Learn from case studies from creative businesses like Disney, Mercedes, Netflix, LinkedIn, Salesforce and many more…

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We've hosted a series of 6 webinars designed around the fascinating & innovative world of Exponential Business Models.

Hatsune Miku: the first sound from the future

Hatsune Miku has an exponential Business Model. Find out why!

How many of you have been to a concert like this: Everything is real, but the pop star on stage is not because she is a hologram? This sounds like a prophetic story from Black Mirror, doesn’t it? Except, it’s not. It’s happening right now.

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Hatsune Miku

How to turn your data Into a sustainable revenue stream

A few years ago our colleague, Justin Lokitz, published an article, titled Exploring Big Data Business Models & The Winning Value Propositions Behind Them, that highlighted three categories of big data business models, based on their value propositions and customers (e.g. data as a service (DaaS), information as a service (IaaS), and answers as a service (AaaS) respectively).

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