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Emerging technology cards.

Discover how the top 10 emerging technologies can transform your business with our exclusive card deck. Each card offers insights into how these technologies work, their potential impact, and ways to integrate them into your business strategy. Dive deeper into the future of business innovation here.

Emerging technology workspace.

This workspace equips you with the essentials to future-proof your business by merging three key elements: Business Reimagining, where we explore your business model's strengths and weaknesses; Technological Exploration, introducing you to cutting-edge technologies through an accessible deck of cards that reveal new opportunities; and Hands-on Exercises, involving interactive tasks that foster creativity, strategic thinking, and the discovery of practical opportunities. Elevate your efficiency and gear up for the future with our digital workshop on emerging technologies.



Miro is a digital collaboration platform designed to facilitate remote and distributed team communication and project management. It offers an infinite canvas that facilitates complex, visually intensive project management and brainstorming without spatial limitations. This makes it particularly useful for creative industries and design teams where visual communication is crucial. Miro includes a variety of tools like sticky notes, mind maps, and customizable templates that enhance brainstorming, project planning activities, and building the future, together.

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Jan-Maarten In t Veld
Jan-Maarten In t Veld