Strategy quick scan.

Is your innovation strategy solid enough to get you real business results? Take our 5-minute test and get pro tips on how to create more value for your customers, our society and the world around us.

Just 5 minutes to get...

The level of your strategy.

With a clearer understanding of your strategy you can create a more focused and effective growth plan.

Tips for value creation.

Get pro-tips on how to create more value for your customers, society, and the world around us.


Inspirational content.

Receive updates about the latest and greatest in the wonderful world of innovation.

Why should you take the test?

It is up to you and the leaders in your organization to shift your business model and ensure your organization thrives in that future. This test will help you to evaluate your innovation strategy in just five minutes. You will get pro tips on how to adjust your strategy to better align with your goals, optimize your resources, and increase your chances of success.

What can you expect?

A 5-minute questionnaire that asks you to rank 9 statements about your current strategy efforts. You can expect questions about your strategy for the future, your business portfolio and what your team set-up looks like. Based on your answers, you will receive pro tips directly via email.

What are you waiting for? Take the test.