Wavin and Business Models Inc. win Design Value Award.

In 2018 Wavin and Business Models Inc. won the Design Value Award granted but the Design Management Institute.

Together, we challenged that €60M idea and turned it into the €400k Wavin Academy, which not only resulted in 136% revenue growth for Wavin but also established a deeper connection with their customers across 5+ countries and allowed for continuous customer-focused innovation. And, we did this using design methodologies and not just spreadsheets.


“Winning this award is a dream come true. It’s the recognition of our approach to build personal connections with installers and keep the quality levels of drinking water installations high.” -

Frans-Jan van Rongen – Group Marketing Director, Wavin B.V.

“You have to be a rebel to challenge the status quo. Challenge the first ideas. Challenge the obvious. That’s what Wavin did. The team and their leadership. Explore different alternatives and shift their focus on what is relevant to customers. Education. The human aspect and not a new factory or new technology.”

Patrick van der Pijl – CEO, Business Models Inc.

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