GoinGDutch successfully launches value proposition for interactive fast lanes.

Innovation is hard within one company. Imagine doing it in an ecosystem of four. GoinGDutch, a partnership between BAM Infra, Microsoft, OrangeNXT and Schiphol, makes cycling the coolest alternative to cars and public transport in busy cities and around airports.

Four teams, one goal.

Just like a lot of big cities Schiphol-Rijk is facing major urbanization and mobility challenges such as high traffic volumes leading to congestion and air pollution. That’s why one of their goals is to increase the number of airport employees cycling to work from 4.000 to 10.000 by the end of 2024. But such big challenges are hard to tackle alone. So Schiphol joined forces with BAM Infra, Microsoft and OrangeNXT in a partnership called GoinGDutch. Their main goal to create solutions that deliver value to companies and end-users. 

How to get


Schiphol co-workers going by bike in 2024?

Next level co-innovation.

Innovation is hard within one company. Imagine doing it in an ecosystem of four. That's why we designed a 3-step approach to accelerate the GoinGDutch proposition to market. Here’s how we helped the team to get moving. 

Step 1. Define a vision.

We defined a shared vision and strategy: GoinGDutch wants to create the ultimate bicycle-home-work experience for commuters around busy cities and airports by building interactive fast lanes for bicycles, supporting smart mobility solutions and creating a powerful biking community. 

Step 2. Design a VP.

We sharpened the overall GoinGDutch interactive fast lanes value proposition into a scalable and sellable solution. With that in mind we asked multi-disciplinary teams from all organizations to ideate sub-value propositions such as the bike academy and the clothing line. 

Step 3. Share your story.

We helped them with strategic storytelling. We combined all of our insights and turned into a narrative that could be shared with all the stakeholders. 

The results.

  • A kickstart for the GoinGDutch partnership including PR coverage in different national media.

  • A scalable value proposition for interactive fast lanes. 

  • Additional funding from the Ministery of Infrastructure and water State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven for developing new initiatives aimed at improving reachability and mobility around large cities and around Schiphol Airport.

  • The set-up of a test and demo location at Schiphol to showcase the progressive technological infrastructure.

  • A fitter professional population while also playing an important role in reducing the Dutch CO2 footprint.

GoingDutch_Johan Winnubst

With their co-creation and co-innovation approach they created alignment and clarity across different stakeholders, making us move forward fast.

Working with BMI• has been great. Like no other agency, they are really able to pinpoint and design the distinctiveness of the proposition by really understanding the problem worth solving for the customer and consumer. .” 

Johan Winnubst, Partner goinGDutch – BAM Infra Nederland B.V.

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