Business Model Innovation

We help you and your team to innovate and design new business model options and strategies for the future. We can help you do that in a way that best fits your needs.

Are you looking for new disruptive business models? Or does your current business model need to be redesigned?

We help you and your team to systematically design and innovate the best business model options possible. This does not stop with a new business model, product or service on paper, but includes every aspect of the whole business model innovation process. What’s needed is a team and a systematic approach including strategic conversations, tools, skills and mindset to design, prototype and evaluate business models that have potential to win in the marketplace.  We call this process the Double Loop in which we apply design thinking for innovation. You can read more about this process and method in our latest book “Design a Better Business.”  Our Double Loop approach on business model generation is engaging, highly visual, high speed, practical and helps teams think about the complete business.

Our Business Model Innovation process can be run in different formats like an exploration of business models in an ecosystem: Silicon Valley Inspiration, exploring business models of the future by Scenario Planning, a 3 months intensive innovation program for multiple teams: Accelerator Program and a single business model journey: Understand & Innovate.

What will the future bring?

I want to create my business model of the future.

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