Innovation funnel design

While sometimes innovation feels like magic, there’s a process to it 

Part of your journey to get organizational buy-in for innovation resources, budget and adoption is to design & implement a solid and transparent innovation funnel that is tuned to your internal language. A good innovation funnel will create the right environment for innovation to let people with different levels of innovation experience flourish. 

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The results

An innovation process and method tuned to your organization
Every organization is different. Together, we will design and tune the innovation funnel towards your specific situation and needs. 

The right resources and budget in place at the right moment 
Innovation is a delicate balancing act between risk and opportunity. A proven innovation funnel design will help you get the innovation resources & budget in place at the right moment.

Good stakeholder management 
Being clear and transparent about the way you approach innovation will help to get key stakeholders within the organization on board. 



Project building blocks

An effective innovation funnel isn’t designed by innovators only. Throughout the development of it you want to get key stakeholders on board. Think of Strategy, Marketing and Business unit leaders. We strongly believe success and implementation of innovation is a shared effort and a shared responsibility. 


Assessment of the current funnel design / approach 


Identify key stakeholders to co-create with 


Design & creation of a beta version of the new innovation funnel 


Iteration of the new innovation funnel
Best in combination with an Acceleration project.

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