Growth portfolio

Streamline your innovation projects when budgets are under pressure 

Do you have a full overview of all innovation projects within the organization, their maturity, spend and expected return? And do you use this overview to systematically de-risk individual innovations and entire value spaces? The growth portfolio allows you to fill, develop and manage value-driven innovations in an efficient and streamlined fashion. 

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Buy-in and commitment of running business 
For innovation to be successful you need commitment on budget and resources from your peers in the running business.  


Efficient use of resources & funding
Identify where you want to play the game as an organization and streamline your portfolio accordingly. The stage-gated approach keeps your spend in control and value focused. 


Increased innovation velocity 
To put your effort into the right activities, it’s crucial to be aware of the stage your project is in. This increases both quality and speed of your innovation. 



Project building blocks

Creating a growth portfolio requires onboarding of the right players within the organization. Both to get commitment on the direction, to align on the different types of innovation and to get a full picture of everything that is currently being done. With the following steps we’ll guide you towards an efficient and value-driven portfolio that will take your organization into the future. 


Inventorize & align on types of innovations


Create the portfolio map


Recalibrate & Streamline


Implement the right governance structure



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