Implement an organizational innovation capability from scratch or increase the effectiveness of your existing one. We help leaders to get more focus, support, and speed by transforming innovation from a buzzword into a systematic way to de-risk your next business opportunity.

What we do


Innovation blueprint

Six building blocks to organize innovation within your organization.

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Growth portfolio

Map the big picture and create a focussed, value-driven innovation roadmap.

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Strategic partner

Transformation takes time, let’s do it together.

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Innovation funnel design.

Create the right environment for innovation.

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By making innovation more tangible & embedded in our broader strategy, we now talk about innovation in the leadership team to align on today’s and tomorrow’s customer value.” 


Egbert Kroon • Direct of B2B Innovation • T-Mobile (NL)


Client cases

Client Story

Van Oord creating new sustainable business

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Client Story

Closing the gap with Equileap

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