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As the rate of change continues to increase, to be successful in business design you must employ new tools, skills, and a designer's mindset. This is where we shine. We can help you master the tools you'll need to understand your customer, formulate new ideas, prototype and validate those ideas, and make well-informed decisions. We have a variety of useful tools to help you take business design to the next level. And, this is not just about showing you how we work. We can also help you develop these skills through our training and leadership programs.

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Our training courses are based on our innovative method and theories and tools of thought leaders in our network. Our training programs enable you to get up to speed on Design Thinking and related topics like Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, Lean Start-up Thinking and Doing in a short period of time, learn new tools and skills, and get a new mindset.

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Work with our tools

To be successful in business design it is time to start using some new tools – design tools. We show you tools on observation of clients, ideation, prototyping, validation and decision making. We have a variety of useful tools to help you take business design to the next level.

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Read our books

Our management books ‘Business Model Generation’ and ‘Design a Better Business’ are gamechangers in both the publishing industry as well as in business through their visual aspect and practicality. These books are the foundation of what we think and do.

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Learn from our clients

We love our clients. We love to work with them. Their design journeys in business are a great inspiration to us. We are happy to share some of our client stories, their insights and learnings on these journeys.

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