Strategy as a Service

The next normal in designing and activating strategy is here. 

Let’s say goodbye to the rigid strategy that is developed in an ivory tower and then imposed upon the organization. Through Strategy as a Service, we help you develop, activate and continuously iterate a strategy that is truly lived by your organization. This integrated approach to strategy design, communication and activation gives your organization the agility to effectively respond to the evolving needs and expectations of customers, and lead the market.

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The results

A strategy that comes to life
Develop and activate a clear strategic vision and roadmap that is understood and truly lived by all your internal and external stakeholders.


Continuous learning and iterating
Adopt a quarterly cycle towards strategy to continuously learn and adapt along your road towards realizing your vision.


Maximized engagement by media
Engage your stakeholders through state-of-the-art communication and by facilitating fruitful discussions that further enrich your strategy and story.
Strategy is communicated through a tv/broadcast format on a monthly basis.


Adaptive and resilient organization
All the above builds an organization with its strategy embedded in the deepest parts of its fibers, making it resilient and able to effectively adapt and lead.




“Being interviewed about your own strategy by a newsreporter is a different ballgame compared to a townhall presentation. But it made our strategy story so much more clear and understood by our people.”

NEP-Logo-FC-BLACK-RGBRalf van Vegten, CEO, NEP Media The Netherlands.

Project building blocks

Strategy as a Service is all about co-creating a winning, value-driven strategy. You bring the expertise and knowledge of your organization, people and markets. We bring our expertise and knowledge of strategy design, business model innovation, strategic conversations, engagement, and communication.

Together, we design a dynamic and action-oriented framework that moves your people and the needle of your business towards realizing its vision. We look at the capabilities and resources that you have available, so that BMI• can supplement these in achieving your ambition and business goals.

After launch, BMI• takes the responsibility to drive momentum, organizing on-going strategic conversations, bringing your people together frequently, to collaborate effectively on creating value for existing and new customers.


Develop an inspiring vision and associated strategic roadmap
We start by crafting the strategic vision and developing the strategic roadmap, with a plan to translate it into execution and innovation efforts that are collectively acted upon by the people in your organization.


Co-design strategic conversations
Together, we design strategic conversations in a heartbeat rhythm and by bringing all relevant stakeholders on board, leveraging every department’s strengths, knowledge, and expertise.


Bring it all to life
We supercharge your communication team through a set of state-of-the-art communication and conversation methods, effectively activating strategic thought and action by every department of your organization in a style that suits you.


Keep the heart beating
The key to a dynamic strategy is to keep the process going: (re)designing strategy, communicating strategy and having strategic conversations that move your people and the needle of the business. We make sure you stick to the rhythm.

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