Strategy activation

Bring strategy and vision alive.

It’s important that your vision and strategy is known and understood by all people in your organization. We can help to bring and keep the vision and strategy alive in different ways. We can design the agenda, screenplays, slide decks, visuals, and strategic conversations. We ensure your vision and strategy is clear and understood during company meetings. We can organize and design events from 50 to 500 people enabling teams to co-design themselves (and their roles) into the vision and strategy. All this can be done in a virtual and digital way and of course in real life.

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The results

Engaged team
Your team will feel it’s engaged through a longer period in time.


Tailor made
Together with you we will create a way to activate the strategy and communicatie about the strategy in a way which supports the needs of the people in your organization.


Stick to the plan
We will help your team to stick to plan to make sure the envisioned story will be told.


Visual language
It’s not only what you say but also what you see to engage your team. We will help you to be visual in a “language” where people can relate to.





Project building blocks

When your vision is designed, we believe it’s important to activate the strategy. This usually can not be done in a few days. For people to understand what direction you are heading to, and what is expected from them, this will take time and decent communication plan.


Define your vision


Design your story


Communication plan


Constant connection with your people

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