Strategic roadmap

Chart the journey of how your organization evolves its business model(s) over time.

Based on the required business model portfolio and vision, you envision, a strategic roadmap explicitly shows the bold steps you are taking, and the business model shifts you are making, focused on creating more value and relevance for existing and new customers.

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The results

A Strategic roadmap is a dynamic map used to track your business model innovation efforts at the big picture level. The overall results delivered are:

Accountably in your teams
A visual way to measure progress and hold business leaders, innovators, and their teams accountable for return on innovation.

A clear storyline
We will help you design a storyline, to be validated by the board, employees and/or customers.

A clear journey 
An inspiring visual document that represents the journey ahead.





Project building blocks

We setup a collaborative and visual space (digital and physical), that puts your leadership team, business leaders, and their teams in a growth mindset that drives collective action to develop new business models and value propositions.


A collaborative and visuals space


Facilitate the strategic conversation


Define the roadmap


A visual report


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