Podcast – At the forefront with GoSpooky, technology is about people

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As a business leader you have no other choice than to create a top-notch digital appearance. In this first episode of the ‘Where’s value next?’ podcast, we’ve invited Tim van der Wiel, co-founder of Gospooky, the no. 1 company that transforms the way social content is created and consumed.

Their mission? To keep leading brands at the forefront of social media. Working with some of the largest brands, such as Dior, Amazon and Snap. Inc itself, they’re a highly trusted source to ask where value lays in connectivity, now and in the future. Tune in for 20 minutes and find out Gospooky’s secret sauce to success.

“When talking about connectivity, technology is there to help other people connect. I think that sometimes when we talk about platforms and technology, we forget that in the end it’s always people using it. My advice? Don’t forget that you’re building something for other human beings.” – Tim van der Wiel, co-founder of Gospooky


About the podcast

This podcast series is designed for innovative business leaders. Our guests are true frontrunners in their field of expertise and we’ll spend each episode talking about what makes their business model unique, what they envision for the (near) future, and what you can learn from them. Together we’re exploring new value spaces, such as connectivity, food, and health & wellbeing. Are you ready to find answer to the question “Where is value next?”

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