Dit is de plek waar business, design en strategie elkaar ontmoeten.In het afgelopen decennium hebben we onze innovatie-aanpak uitgevonden en verbeterd. Nu is hij ook voor jou beschikbaar.
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We werken in co-creatie, visueel en op hoog tempo samen met onze klanten aan baanbrekende business modellen.

Wat kan je van ons verwachten als we samenwerken?


Go far, go together. We use the thinking and creative powers of your team, your customers and experts to get to insights, that turn into brilliant business model ideas.


Getting you real results is our main objective. That's why we always design with the end in mind. We use design to simplify complexity and to facilitate strategic conversations.

Customer focus.

Our Business Model Shifts book says "Dedicated to your (future) customers." It's true, loving your customers is our healthy obsession.


With a never assume mindset, we experiment to validate desirability, feasibility and viability of our ideas. Beware! we are not afraid to kill our darlings.


David Sibbet, the pioneer of visual facilitation is one of our gurus. Inspired by his work we make things visual. So get on your markers, set, go


Innovation requires good storytelling. As you need to engage all of your stakeholders to put things in motion. Just like the other fundamentals, stories can be designed.

GoingDutch_Johan Winnubst

With their co-creation and co-innovation approach they created alignment and clarity across different stakeholders, making us move forward fast.

Working with BMI• has been great. Like no other agency, they are really able to pinpoint and design the distinctiveness of the proposition by really understanding the problem worth solving for the customer and consumer. .”

Johan Winnubst, Partner goinGDutch – BAM Infra Nederland B.V.