BAM Infra designing new value propositions.

Co-creation of the value propositions for the Snelfietsroute: a new urban mobility concept for increasing commuting by bike.


BAM Infra


Business innovation

Challenge: How to design a concept into a saleable, repetitive value proposition?

BAM Infraconsult is the innovation department of Infrastructure ‘giant’ BAM Infra, part of the Royal BAM Group. BAM Infra increasingly focusses on ‘smart mobility’ concepts and end-to-end services within ‘urbanization & mobility’. One of these concepts is the ‘digital bike path’: an end-to-end concept for increasing mobility and vitality in so called mobility hubs. The first digital bike path will be created at Schiphol Airport in 2020. The goal of this project is to improve the mobility in the Schiphol area, by increasing the number of commuters traveling by bike by 10% at the expense of travel by car. BAM Infraconsult asked Business Models Inc. to help to design the ‘Digital Bike Patch concept into a saleable, repetitive value proposition, to encourage and activate the commercial team and to tell the right appealing story in the market.

Solution: An accelerator program with a cross-business team to create a new value proposition and compelling story.

We supported BAM Infraconsult in co-innovation with its ecosystem partners Gazelle/PON (bikes), Mijksenaar (wayfinding), Microsoft (technology), OrangeNxt (digital transformation) and Schiphol Airport (launching customer).

In creating the end-to-end bike experience ‘fast cycle routes’. A full-service concept in which connects smart infrastructure, based on IoT, sensor technology and cloud technology with electric bikes, mobility, vitality and community services into an end-to-end bike experience that greatly exceeds the driving experience. Part of the proposition is the project and implementation approach which is phased and stage gated based on validation and real results.

The ‘fast cycle routes’ program is labelled with a new brand ‘goinGDutch’. We educated and activated the commercial team to pro-actively engage with potential clients in the market. We provided them with a compelling story by which they were able to communicate the value proposition in the right way and explain the value goinGDutch offers.

Resutls: The collaboration with BAM Infraconsult resulted in:

  1. A clear, user centered value proposition for 'fast cycle routes'.

  2. A compelling storyline for communicating the proposition goinGDutch in the market.

  3. A kickstart for the first 'fast cycle routes' project at Schiphol Airport.

“Working with BMI• has been great. Like no other agency, they are really able to pinpoint and design the distinctiveness of the proposition by really understanding the problem worth solving for the customer and consumer. Also, they did a wonderful job in translating the value proposition on paper to a compelling story in the market. With their co-creation and co-innovation approach they created alignment and clarity across different stakeholders, making us move forward fast.” -

Johan Winnubst, Partner goinGDutch – BAM Infra Nederland B.V.