Design a better business training

A two day, one of a kind training + event night

3 & 4 June 2020, Amsterdam, BMI• Creative Village

7 & 8 October 2020, Amsterdam, BMI• Creative Village

In just 2 days we will encourage you to start thinking and working as a designer putting the customer at the heart of everything you do. You will go home with the latest tools a new mindset and insights on how to integrate innovation into the DNA of your own organization. The training is organized and hosted by the writers of the Design A Better Business Book.

Experience our unique design process

Our design process is called The Double Loop and is an award-winning innovation method that can be used for all kinds of innovation, from corporate innovation to start up innovation and of course business model innovation.

During the training we will work with different teams on a real-life case study. You will work on your design skills, practice with different innovation tools and walk-out with a different mindset. The training takes you from design thinking to design doing. Which means, you can easily use what you have learned back in your own office.

Talk to your potential customers

We help you to talk to your (potential) customers by getting out of the building and be prepared. What do potential customers do? What do they think of your new concept? What questions do you ask? Part of the training is to observe and question (potential) customers for your concept. You can practice your design skills like and start asking the right questions.

What is included in the training?

  • The Book Design a better business
  • The innovation toolbox with all the essential templates
  • A set of markers and post-it notes
  • A storytelling toolkit to get your message across
  • Detailed casestudies
  • Screenplays for strategy and innovation workshops

The training is facilitated in a pressure cooker format. Hence, high in energy, confusing and exciting all at the same time. With other words, it will be great fun!

Are you ready to join?

We are looking for people (rebels) that want to transform their business, or that are brave enough to start their own. Are you a business leader, an aspiring entrepreneur, a corporate innovator, a growth investor, a social impact change agent or enterprising student that is keen to learn more about innovation and how to integrate this into the DNA of your organization? Then register today!

If you want more information, please connect with us at:

Check out this video to see what the training is like:


Na jaren van werkervaring kan ik wel zeggen dat ik het nodige van business models en Strategy2day afweet, maar de “jongens van BMI” zijn de nieuwe leiders van morgen. Masterclasses met begeleiding tailor made, duidelijk anders dan Alex ‘s Strategyzer massaproduct voor 100 tegelijk, voor ieders wat wils. Design met class(e), niet gratis.

Martin Schoonhoven - CFO, Staffing Associates

I'd love to use design thinking for innovation.