Business Models Inc. wins a Good Design Award for the second year running.


We are incredibly excited to announce that we have won the 2018 Good Design Award in the Design Strategy category in partnership with The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB).

It is an honour to be presented with an award by Good Design Australia for Design Strategy having won the Design Pioneer Award in 2017. The objective of the Design Strategy category is to recognise the role of design in driving business strategy.

In order to thrive during times of uncertainty, not-for-profits are looking to develop their innovation capabilities and become disruptors who drive positive change. The RSB are pioneers who have adopted strategy design to do just that.

RSB provides support and services to Australians who are severely vision impaired. The organisation asked itself,

“How do we become more innovative, creative and competitive in a new world?”

 – Kathryn Gallina (Executive manager, RSB)

Business Models Inc. and RSB worked together to develop the ‘Ideas and Innovation Hub’ where people across different departments of the organisation came together to collaborate and share diverse perspectives.

The Ideas and Innovation hub.
  • Engaged RSB staff over 6 months

  • 100 ideas were taken through the accelerator process

  • 40 ideas were shortlisted

  • 10 were identified as viable

  • 4 business model options were developed with detailed implementation plans

Using the tools and framework developed by Business Models Inc. teams began putting theory into practice by engaging with their customers, testing ideas and developing an innovative business model.  A business model describes how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. By using a collaborative design approach to drive their business strategy, RSB has brought their whole organisation together through the innovation journey.

Even with a wealth of expertise behind them, teams found surprising insights into the needs and experiences of those who are vision impaired such as,

“We thought people who were blind or vision impaired spend a lot of time thinking about being blind or vision impaired, but they don’t…”

 – Darrin Johnson (RSB)

In using a systematic approach to design that asks questions about people’s wants and needs, we are able to focus on the most relevant challenges. The Ideas and Innovation hubdeveloped ideas covering areas of community engagement, accident prevention and augmented information about venue accessibility.

As a leading Strategy Design and Innovation agency, Business Models Inc. aims to challenge the status quo to help different organisations innovate for the future.