Van Oord creating new sustainable business.

Two areas for new sustainable business after a 100-days accelerator. Fulfilling and concretizing Van Oord’s leading role in creating a sustainable world for future generations.


How can Van Oord contribute to a sustainable future with new business models?

Van Oord wants to lead the transition towards a sustainable future. It has been innovative and seen opportunities for over 150 years and continues to contribute to a more sustainable future. Van Oord has a strong execution mindset and is successful in delivering what they are good at, marine ingenuity. New business models require a different way of working. And a search mindset.


A 100-days accelerator with a cross-business and cross generation team to explore and validate new sustainable business areas.

A joint coalition throughout Van Oord went into the search mode. After creating a strong point of view and generating lot of ideas, five strong business models for sustainable business were designed. We focused on two to move forward, creating experiments with landing pages, customer interviews, social media campaign, and partner interviews.

Two potential areas for sustainable business and a new way of working to continue the search.

Within weeks, important assumptions we (in)validated and a lot of key insights had been obtained. This resulted in two potential areas for sustainable business. Equally important, the accelerator resulted in a new search mindset, cross-business collaboration and internal way of working. All elements that are important to lead the transition towards a more sustainable future.

“BMI• introduced us to a new way of working which enabled us to be more creative in the search for finding new business opportunities.”