Myrthe Montijn

Speaker profile


Myrthe doesn’t stick to the rules of the design methods. Myrthe believes that through deeply rooted design thinking and being creative with the design methods you use, you will get the best results!!

At Business Models Inc, Myrthe works as an Experience and Strategy designer. She designs strategies, business models and value propositions for organizations of all sizes across all industries. Before working at BMI, Myrthe worked as a UX designer at an award-winning digital design agency. Her UX skills, a.o. user context mapping and (digital) prototyping, are super valuable while working as a Strategy Designer to not only create human-centered strategies, but also tangible design solutions ready for implementation.

Having worked as a designer across countries such as, The Netherlands, the USA and Hong Kong, Myrthe also exceeds at taking the differences in cultural values successfully into account when repositioning brands and designing new value propositions. Being unbiased and having a tremendous amount of empathy during the design process is therefore most important for her.

During keynotes, conversations and workshops, Myrthe can move people with her infectious energy and humor. Based on her work experiences, topics she can’t stop talking about are: design thinking, service design, user research, context mapping, prototyping and emotion-driven design.

I want Myrthe to rock my stage!