Moniek Tiel Groenestege

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Moniek Tiel Groenestege is a strategy designer, master of ceremonies and experience designer at Business Models Inc. In her energetic way, she inspires companies and individuals to design for strategy and innovation. In that, the role of the individual is key. Moniek is also responsible at Business Models Inc for the education part: inspire, educate and challenge your mindset.

That you need to have a design thinkers’ mindset in today’s fast-changing world is something that Moniek truly believes. Her creative, startup mindset and service design background are an interesting mix for new insights and meaningful interaction. Moniek is also an author for Sprout.

How do you stay relevant, as a company and as a person? Not falling behind but winning in this changing world? Where will you add value next? How can you make the shifts towards another way of thinking and doing? Which new tools, skills and mindset do you need for that? Moniek is ready to tell you all about this. This combined with catchy examples from different industries, inspiration from different business models and interaction with the audience create an inspiring and energetic session full of aha-moments.

Moniek provides keynotes and workshops in various subjects:

Strategy, Innovation, Design thinking, Business modelling, Intrinsic motivation, Making an impact, Service Design and Hospitality.


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"By comparing a few 'old' and 'new' business model canvases from certain organizations, Moniek shows how these companies stayed relevant by changing. She shares three tips about how to stay ahead of competition: value goes for price, business models are fluid and that it is a journey of exploration. Moniek spoke very energetic and did a great job involving the audience in her lecture. I enjoyed listening to her."

Attendee keynote 'How to stay relevant as a company?'

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