Michiel Hoogenboom

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Michiel is an energetic business leader, story teller & strategy designer. He inspires companies and individuals to design for strategy and innovation. In that, the role of the individual as wel as the organisation setting them up for succes are crucial. Michiel will use catchy examples from different industries, inspiration from different business models and goes into the search mood together with the audience create an inspiring and energetic session full of aha-moments.

How do you stay relevant, as a company and as a person? Not to fall behind but to win in this changing world. Driving the execution as well as finding out where will you add value next? How can you make the shifts towards another way of thinking and doing. Design thinking and doing. These are key questions in the keynotes of Michiel.

After founding a start-up Michiel joined Microsoft to get some corporate experience. A journey that took him 15 years.  He held different sales and marketing positions. In his last role he was part of the Dutch Senior leadership team being responsible for strategic business and marketing planning for the ERP & CRM solutions, Michiel got convinced that you need to unlearn your habits as an origination and individual in order to stay relevant. That you need to design your strategy and innovation and to be adaptive to iterate your value propositions towards true value. He joint business models Inc in 2016, as a strategy designer, to explore this even further and also to share this design thinking approach with others. His technology, business, creative and marketing background are an interesting mix for new insights and meaningful interaction. Michiel is also in several advisory boards with start-ups helping them to excel.

Michiel Hoogenboom provides keynotes and workshop in various subjects:
Strategy, Innovation, Business modeling, Making an impact, Leadership, Marketing, Digital transformation, Entrepreneurship, Social innovation and Trendwatching.

I want Michiel to rock my stage!