Meg Luce

Speaker profile

Meg Luce uses her ambidextrous brain to find the balance between thinking like a business, and thinking like a designer, and has helped organizations alter their mindset in order to become more profitable and innovative. As someone with a background in both of these worlds she is able to easily speak to both technical and creative people and connect with them through her own experiences as a consultant. Coupled with her energy and hustle, she creates an environment where, as many attendees say after her talks, “I learned something and I had fun doing it.”

As a strategy designer at Business Models Inc. At Business Models Inc, she develops strategies, business models and value propositions for organizations of all sizes across industries and countries.

Having this broad point of view gives her the ability to see the world of innovation as a whole. It also means she is in a constant state of learning, and approaches each of her talks as a conversation rather than lecture, and believes in learning by doing.

Previous speaking history includes Galvanize, Columbia University, the Business Design & Technology 2018 Conference, and accelerators and incubators such as NUMA and FutureWorks. Meg provides keynotes and workshops in strategy, innovation, design thinking and social innovation and impact.


I want Meg to rock my stage