Exponential business models workshop

November 29 – Amsterdam

Business models are changing faster than ever. Within these changes, we’ve identified various shifts across industries. From analog to digital, from singular to circular, from a pipeline to platforms and from linear business models to exponential ones. Want to understand how you can begin to make exponential shifts in your business model?

Game-changing movement

During this one-day workshop, we will take you through the different layers of Exponential Business Models using case studies and applying it to businesses who are yet to join this game-changing movement.

Learn how to design an exponential business model

The workshop dives into the world of exponential value creation. What can it do? How do we use it to create and deliver value for people? What are the underpinning strategic choices that fuel explosive growth of these business models? What can you learn from these business models and apply in designing completely new business models that put a dent in the universe?

Meet like-minded people

In this workshop, you’ll team up with like-minded people from other organizations. You’ll collaborate to explore and understand what it means to create value exponentially. From the shared understanding of the building blocks of exponential business models, you’ll work together on expressing an ambition to change the world and designing the exponential business model that potentially makes that ambition reality.

We close the day by sharing stories about our ambitions and business models so that we can practice storytelling and learn from each other.

So, you should definitely come and join if…

You are a pioneer of game-changing businesses. You want to transform your business or start a new business. You are a business leader, an inspiring entrepreneur, a corporate innovator, a social impact change agent or just you. This workshop will yield you many insights with tools and learnings to create an exponential organization. If you are looking for like-minded people while connecting with this community, this workshop is for you!

Your key takeaways

  • Learn from other exponential business models, how do they create exponential value?
  • Understand how exponential value is created and how you can create it yourself
  • Learn how to design your own exponential business model combined with your ambitions
  • Learn how to tell a simple and convincing story about exponential value creation and be ready to share that amazing story!

What is included in your ticket

  • Detailed case studies of our new book, which we’ll launch in 2019!
  • Set of markers, post-it notes to work with
  • Drinks and food during the day
  • Event night
  • A storytelling toolkit to get your message across
  • Visual summary and materials to take home


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