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The world around you – and your business – is filled with uncertainties. Within this uncertainty, there are endless opportunities to (re) design “game-changing” businesses. With this online training, together with Patrick, you or your team will learn to think like designers to make uncertainty your new strength.

Module 1 – Design Thinking for business model innovation
2 – 3 hours

In the module ‘ Design thinking ‘ you’ll learn to think like a designer. Uncertainty is your new weapon. Design thinking is about improving the way you look at the world. It is a learnable, repeatable process that you go through in a disciplined way. Everyone can use this way of working to innovate on business models. In these 7 lessons you’ll go through the ‘Double Loop Process’, the basis of Design thinking. You’ll learn to think from the customers perspective while going through interactive exercises, practical examples and success stories that help to develop your designers’ mindset. Are you ready for it?

Module 2 – Design doing for business model innovation
2 – 3 hours

In the module ‘design doing’ you’ll apply the basics of design thinking yourself. You will use tools such as the ‘business model canvas’, the ‘context canvas’ and the ‘5 bold steps vision canvas’, and will continue to develop your unique ”point of view ”.

You’ll work out new ideas in prototypes and validate these ideas with your customers. In 7 lessons you’ll experience how the double loop process works through catchy stories, interactive assignments, and practical tools that will turn you into a  real designer. Let’s do it!

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This online training consists of two separate modules that can be purchased separately or together. The cost per module is $279.00. If you purchase both modules at once, you’ll have access to a reduced rate of $499,00. You can start immediately after registration and will have 1-year access to the online training.

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