Maarten van Lieshout

Speaker profile


Maarten is creative director of the award-winning strategy and design agency Business Models Inc. He helps corporates like ING, Audi and BNP Paribas Fortis to build their strategic story, enabling their drive to shift their organizations. By challenging entrepreneurs on making their transitions tangible, Maarten not only removes the blah-blah from the conversation, but also helps to create internal ambassadors and change agents by shifting their mindset of fearing uncertainty into mastering ambiguity and seeing opportunities.


Maarten co-authored and designed the best-selling book: Design a Better Business: New Tools, Skills, and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation. In this book he explains the awarded methodology for innovation; The Double Loop, how it works, and how it can be used to shape the future of any business.


With the plethora of experiences over a period of 15 years, as a designer, storyteller and conceptual thinker, Maarten uses his knowledge of language (he studied Dutch language and literature and French language and literature) and working with corporates and startups to inform, teach and train in this new mindset. As a guest lecturer Maarten teaches strategic storytelling and prototyping at CCA’s DMBA and Hult University, helping the students to work in short sprints and to become visual mavericks.

“Maarten has a very personalized, humoristic and disarming way of speaking. I was immerged from start to end by his story.”

- DMBA professor

Maarten is an engaging, albeit slightly unorthodox speaker, and focusses his interactive keynotes around strategic storytelling, prototyping, experience design and explains how to use this in innovation and strategic shifts. By combining his experience as designer, strategic story teller and experience designer, Maarten promotes the importance of storytelling within companies in order to scale ideas. His “disarming” and personal way of presenting and interacting helps the audience to let go of any barrier and embrace the other way of strategic storytelling.

I want Maarten to rock my stage!