Maaike Doyer

Speaker profile

Maaike’s deep experience as a strategy designer and CFO of Business Models Inc. is easily translated through her energy and presence as a speaker. She supports organizations with strategy, innovation, new business model design and validation. Originally from the Netherlands, Maaike delivers a unique point-of-view during her talks through her expertise in strategy, design thinking, strategic visioning and designing business models for the future. After 7 years at PwC, together with Patrick van der Pijl, she was one of the first people to join Business Models Inc to help companies achieve their full potential through strategic innovation.

She is passionate about turning great ideas into real businesses, and you might hear her say “stop the blah blah blah” and “reports and business plans end up in a closet”. She brings the notion of co-creation not only Business Models Inc, but also to her talks through high energy interactions with the audience.

Maaike is a regular speaker on management and innovation events, delivering keynote speeches and workshops about ‘Business Model Innovation’, ‘Designing your Future Business’, ‘Innovate like a Startup’ and ‘Think as a Designer: New Tools, New Skills, New Mindset’. She is a professor at universities, MBA’s, is a mentor for several start-up accelerators, all while leading BMI’s global strategy and international expansion. She spearheaded BMI’s new offices in the US and currently works from San Francisco and New York City (when she’s not globetrotting).

Within five minutes of speaking to Maaike or watching her on stage, you’ll quickly realize her drive and enthusiasm for innovation, designing better businesses and achieving results.


I want Maaike to rock my stage