We are looking for a Senior Business Designer

You are passionate about innovation and design. You always want to go for the extra mile and think in opportunities. You really want to make impact for your customers and colleagues. You are eager to reflect and learn, to help yourself and BMI• grow. You want to understand why things are done the way they are.

If you recognize yourself in the above, that’s great!


Let’s make it happen!

You want to make “it” happen for your clients – especially when it comes to strategy and innovation. You love working with big organizations, you always aim to help them add value for their customers today and in the future. At your core you believe that magic can be made when you pair kick ass business model options with incredible technologies and human-centered designs. At the same time, you’re always the one who challenges your clients (and friends) to validate their assumptions and prototype their ideas before falling in love with them. Most of all, you do not believe in huge business plans and jargon-filled reports. You’d rather just do it!

You know you only have one chance to do it right, so you need to give it your best and be very well prepared.

You simply love to create value together with our team and customers.

You want to bring the best of yourself

We’re looking for the strategic smart ass, the person who has work experience in the field of corporate innovation combined with design thinking. You always want to bring the best of yourself.

You have experience in coaching the client management teams as well as operational teams and you are able to alternate between strategic and overarching thinking, and to put this into practice. You can simplify and communicate complexity without losing the essence. You aim for structure and are able to create systems and structures for our customers.

You know what it takes to create impact and change for organizations and teams in the field of strategic innovation and have the work experience to back this up.

You have at least 7 years’ work experience, and you speak and write fluently in Dutch and English.

You need to be based in the Netherlands for this position.


What does BMI• offer you

We are an award-winning international design agency specialized in strategy and innovation, our way of working and thinking is published in our books, Business Model Generation, Design a better business and our brand-new book, Business model shifts. We have offices in The Netherlands, Taiwan, Australia and the US.

We offer you a team with smart and fun people. We do not like blah blah, we just want to create impact. For this job you will be based in our vibrant Creative Village in Amsterdam.

A competitive salary, 25 days to spend on holidays (based on a 40-hour contract) a yearly trip with the team to a fun location. But maybe most important of all, work at the coolest and most interesting client projects, like Heineken, Ikea, T-Mobile and many more.


Does this sound like your dream job?

Create a short video pitch (max. 2 minutes) in which you explain why you are the right person for the job.

Send your video and resume to gijs@businessmodelsinc.com. We will plan the first interviews based on the videos. We can’t wait!



I would love to work at Business Models Inc.