Business designer


We are looking for a strategic game changer

You have always done things a bit differently, with a clear goal in mind. You love to create impact, but only when this leads to clear results. You reflect, learn, take deep dives and have fun in everything you do. You want to understand why things are done the way they are.

You have work experience to back it up. Take a look at Daan’s profile to understand who we are looking for.

You make it happen!

You love working with a cool team of people and making “it” happen for your clients – especially when it comes to strategy and innovation. You love working with both big organizations and startups, you always aim to help them future proof themselves. At your core you believe that magic can be made when you pair kick ass business model options with incredible technologies and human-centered designs. At the same time, you’re always the one who challenges your clients (and friends) to validate their assumptions and prototype their ideas before falling in love with them. Most of all, you do not believe in huge business plans and jargon-filled reports. You’d rather just do it!

You know you only have one chance to do it right, so you need to give it your best and be very well prepared.

You simply love designing better businesses.

You are a rebel

We’re looking for the rebel, the strategic smart ass, the person who has a designer’s and producer’s mindset. You have experience in business model validation and business model innovation, in running projects, in (business) design and you have between 4-6 years of work experience.

You need to be based in the Netherlands, Dutch speaking is a pre but not a prerequisite. 

Who is BMI

Business Models Inc. is an award winning international design agency specialized in strategy and innovation. We have offices in Australia, Taiwan, The Netherlands and USA. We help corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups design, develop and test innovative business models and strategies for their future through transformation and accelerator programs.

Nice to know…

Patrick van der Pijl, the producer of the best selling book, Business Model Generation, founded Business Models Inc. in 2009. Since founding Business Models Inc., we’ve designed our company, culture and methodologies from the ground up to help others help themselves through co-creation and visualization. You can also see this reflected in our book, Design a Better Business, which was published in September 2016. If you want to get a good sense of who we are and what we do, check out these books.

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I would love to work at Business Models Inc.