Evan Madden-Peister

Speaker profile

Evan is a strategy designer and provacateur, with an entrepreneurial spirit and analytical impulses. With an eclectic style Evan engages the audience and challenges preconceived assumptions towards strategy and innovation. He draws stories from different business contexts, and from the world/life at large, to shift perspectives and draw creative parallels for the participants.

The world at large, and certainly the business world, is changing at an incredible rate. Technology, urbanization, globalization, and environmental challenges are accelerating the pace of those changes. At the center of these shifts are human beings, and Evan seeks to address how businesses and people can navigate these changes using design thinking as a catalyst for action that generate tangible results.

A career grounded in entrepreneurship as a member of the founding teams at Birch Coffee and Delhicioso, as well as consulting for multiple startups and coaching at the Starta Accelerator, has given Evan a bias towards creation. That foundation has also driven home the reality that change can happen fast, and that in order for large organizations to thrive they need to stay adaptive to the needs of their customers. This means embracing and putting into action a more agile method of thinking and doing-as a Strategy Designer at Business Models Inc. he helps his clients do exactly that.

Evan Madden-Peister can present key notes and lead workshops on a number of subjects:

Strategy, Innovation, Business Modeling, Business Model Pivots, Entrepreneurship, Startup-Corporate Collaboration, and Social Innovation.

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