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At the Creative Village we design and build the next generation of companies. We co-create new business models, value propositions, experiences and ventures. In January 2019 we opened our doors in the former production area of the Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam.


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War rooms

Six specially designed creative spaces to optimize the work and thinking process.


Collaborate with relationships, partners, makers, designers, experts and your team.


Energy and speed through excellent design of experience, space and digital.

Innovation made easy

The Creative Village is space especially designed to realize innovation and acceleration. The Creative Village inspires, converts thinking into action, contributes to the degree of impact and increases the speed of innovation processes within organizations. It is an experience that facilitates all phases of strategy and innovation in a specially designed place and that takes everything off your hands: strategy and innovation made easy. We have designed the Creative Village as the ideal location to innovate with your team, your customers and your strategic partners in the search for new propositions, business models and ventures of the future.

The entire space is dedicated to innovation and has 6 different break-out rooms suitable for the different phases of innovation: The Garage, House of Design Thinking, House of the Future, House of Trends, House of Ideas, House of Prototyping. The break-out rooms are equipped with the latest techniques and means to bring facilitation to the next level.

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