Our way of working

How we help you


Co-innovation – disrupt your industry through co-innovation with partners
Define and execute new innovative offerings that exceed the sum of your parts. Shift your industry through strategic partnerships.

Business strategy – design your point of view and make it happen
Overcome uncertainty by co-creating a strategic plan and engaging your team on the journey. This is all about business planning in a creative and inspiring way while creating a common picture and strategic direction quickly.

Accelerator program – from idea to realization
Ideate, build and validate business options for your company to stay ahead of the competition.

Education – get inspired & educated
Challenge your mindset by following one of our trainings through various formats: online, in-house or public masterclasses and keynotes.

Highly Visual Stories

Everything we do is highly visual. Using design-led tools, we promote design thinking techniques. Our strategy designers have backgrounds in both business and design.

High Energy

We help you not to overthink things or spend too much time developing ideas to death. You’ll learn new skills and/or generate multiple options quickly.

To the Edge and Beyond

Everything we do is with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. This is about you and your team create and experience instead of sitting and listening.

Co Create

Never work alone. Use the thinking and creative powers of your team, customers, mavericks (and us).