Demian Sepp.

Energetic inspirator,
entrepreneurial innovator
and empathic changemaker.
Demian Sepp

“We can only build our envisioned future through great leadership.”

Demian is an unshakable optimist. With his contagious positivity, openness, and enthusiasm, he inspires, motivates, and guides teams, and organizations to unlock their full potential. He uses strategy and business design together with culture and leadership development to help companies around the globe to create more value and positive impact. Demian gives engaging keynotes on innovation, leadership, and change.

Being in the field for 20 years, Demian has helped all kinds of (leadership) teams from startups to the fortune 500, to create more value for their customers by developing new strategies, propositions, and businesses. He sees that, to be successful and create real positive impact, personal leadership, environments of trust, strong shared visions and entrepreneurial innovation are crucial. Described as an ‘passionate inspirator and changemaker’ it is Demian’s goal to develop these elements in teams and organizations from a clear sense of purpose and potential.

“Demian is a natural inspirator that sparks new insights and ideas. With his energy and enthusiasm he really motivates groups into action.”

Patrick van Erp, Director Global Production at HEINEKEN.


Demian provides inspirational keynotes on a.o. the following topics:

  • Future leadership. Discover the 6 elements that allow each of us to become a future leader and make a positive impact on the world.

  • Entrepreneurial innovation. Learn how to innovate as an entrepreneur and turn ideas into new sustainable and viable businesses.

  • Purpose driven change. Learn how to change organizations and ecosystems from a deeper awareness and greater sense of purpose.

  • Winning teams and cultures. How to design, build and foster a winning culture that unlocks the full potential of your people, teams, and company.

Demian Sepp
Business designer Amsterdam

Demian Sepp

Enthusiastic, optimistic, open mind and open heart, team player, social connector, inspirator, changemaker, seeing the future potential, having fun, and enjoying the beauty of life.

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