AI Assessment.

Start unlocking your AI potential.

The current state of AI readiness.


lack AI skills and expertise.

The top barriers preventing deployment include limited AI skills and expertise (33%), too much data complexity (25%), and ethical concerns (23%).


have data quality issues.

Insights show that that a majority of data practitioners have data quality issues and 91% said it's impacting their company's performance.


of AI projects fail.

Despite the buzz surrounding AI and its potential to impact industries, a surprising 70-80% of AI projects ultimately fail to achieve their intended outcomes.

Benefits of our assessment.

Future proof AI readiness.

Prepare your business for tomorrow's challenges with strategic AI deployment. Our AI Readiness Assessment pinpoints key enhancements to ensure your operations are resilient, efficient, and ready to leverage AI innovations sustainably.

Impactful AI opportunities.

We help you pinpoint high-impact opportunities and prioritize AI initiatives that deliver real results, enhancing your key business outcomes and driving substantial improvements in performance and profitability.

Strategic roadmap

for success.

We provide a clear, actionable plan to integrate AI into your business processes, enhancing innovation and ensuring that your initiatives are successfully implemented with precision and foresight.

Unlock your business's potential. Your AI-readiness journey starts with us.

Our value driven approach.


Project kickoff.

We begin by setting the stage for success, preparing all essentials needed for your AI readiness journey.

Sprint 1.

Vision crafting.

In a workshop, we draft a bold vision for your future with AI, defining where you want your business to lead or integrate within the AI landscape.

Sprint 2.

AI health check.

Using our readiness framework, we assess your current capabilities against your ambitions to pinpoint necessary actions.

Sprint 3.

AI ideation.

In a collaborative workshop with your team, we uncover impactful AI opportunities that move you closer to your strategic vision.

Sprint 4.

Strategy mapping.

We design a detailed strategic roadmap that outlines the essential steps to achieve your AI ambitions in your unique context and in line with your business objectives.

Our approach to the AI heath check.

Data readiness.

Data is essential for AI integration as it directly influences the performance of AI models. High-quality data ensures accurate predictions and actionable insights, crucial for strategic decision-making.

Cultural readiness.

A culture that embraces AI is critical for its successful integration. It promotes acceptance and effective use of AI technologies within your existing business processes.

Skills readiness.

To make use of AI, your team must know how. An AI-skilled workforce can develop, manage, and optimize AI systems to drive business innovation and efficiency.

Infrastructure readiness.

Infrastructure is crucial for supporting AI operations. It ensures that your future AI models can run reliably and smoothly.



Allocating a sufficient budget for AI initiatives is necessary to cover the costs of the other four pillars.

About us.

We are Business Models Inc. We're on a mission to design, build and grow better businesses. Businesses that create value for you, our society, and the world around us. We are a team full of entrepreneurial spirits that constantly push ourselves to solve the challenges in this world by helping you seize the opportunities of the future. With over a decade of aware-winning experience and a million light years of ambition, we cannot wait to start working with you!

Our AI Vision.

At Business Models Inc., we see huge potential in AI to change industries and improve human skills. We focus on creating new solutions that make operations smoother and accelerate growth. We are committed to using AI to create businesses that move people and planet foward.

Our AI policy framework.

We are committed to using AI safely and ethically. Our focus on responsible AI use helps us change the way we approach strategy and innovation, always putting our clients' best interests first. We believe that trust in technology comes from its ethical use. So, we customize our AI solutions to improve decision-making, streamline operations, and open up new possibilities for our clients. We ensure that every solution meets international standards and regulations and is used to make a positive impact.

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