Inspiring & engaging speakers

Need an inspiring, engaging speaker to talk about business model innovation, leadership, Design thinking and doing. Our keynotes are highly visual, fast, crisp, clear, energetic, engaging and practical. We can design 45-90 minute keynotes for up to 1,000 people.


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Our speakers

Over 500 keynotes in more than 30 countries

Patrick van der Pijl

Infectious keynotes on the power of innovation

Justin Lokitz

High energy interactions with the audience

Maaike Doyer

Believes in learning by doing

Meg Luce

Moves the audience with her infectious energy and humor

Myrthe Montijn

Michiel is an energetic business leader & story teller

Michiel Hoogenboom

Inspires audiences with his expertise in aerospace and technology

Tobias Strobl

A creative mastermind that moves large audiences

Maarten van Lieshout

Takes his listeners through the general implications of AI

Daan de Geus

Catchy examples from different industries

Gijs Mensing

Steve is passionate about turning great ideas into real businesses

Steve Lin

Inspires audiences how they can make an impact

Moniek Tiel Groenestege

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