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Online academy 

The leading online course for business model innovation. Deepen your understanding of the design thinking method whenever and wherever you want. What’s holding you back? Start today.

Become a designer and make uncertainty your secret weapon

The world around you – and your business – is filled with uncertainties. Within this uncertainty, there are endless opportunities to (re) design “game-changing” businesses. With this online training, together with Patrick, you or your team will learn to think like business designers to make uncertainty your new strength.   

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The results

Knowledge of an award-winning innovation methodology 
Learn how to apply our award-winning innovation process to your business.


A toolkit full of design thinking tools and best practices
To create value from uncertainty.


Become a master of uncertainty
Some one who lives for change and innovation.


Inspiration on business model innovation
Be inspired by one of the world’s leading Design Thinkers on Business Model Innovation, Patrick van der Pijl – producer of Business Model Generation 



“This interactive training is a gain creator as it combines learning and retention for both BMI• newbies and more advanced BMI• experts.”

Katharina Berres, Business model innovation & Corporate development at Wacker


I completed Business Models Inc’s online courses on Design thinking & Doing. These classes are an excellent method to boost creativity, learn how to work as a business designer, use new tools and skills and ultimately, to harness opportunity from these challenging times.

Elena Bergman, Strategic Thinker & Marketing consultant at Circos


“ I truly felt energized and motivated to get cracking with all the tools and canvases. They really take you through it step by step and help you see how to put theory into practice.

Dick Wiles

Program overview 

We got you covered. Learn whenever it fits you; anytime, anywhere at your own pace. Each class is chunked into bitesized interactive exercises and can be finished in 7 hours.  The program is split up into 2 tracks:

You want to innovate your business model, but aren’t sure how? Use the basics of design thinking and learn to think from a customers perspective while going through interactive exercises, practical examples and success stories that help to develop your designers’ mindset.  

In the module ‘design doing’ you’ll apply the basics of design thinking yourself. 

You’ll work out new ideas in prototypes and validate these ideas with your customers. In 7 lessons you’ll experience how the double loop process works through catchy stories, interactive assignments, and practical tools that will turn you into a  real designer. 

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The cost of this training is € 295.00. You can start immediately after registration and will have 1-year access to the online training. 

Feel free to access this e-learning on your smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop. 

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More participants? 

Want to get started with your team? No problem! Online training is often used by organizations to train larger groups of employees in an economical and efficient way. Please contact us at +31 20 505 0600 or send an email to Wouter. 


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