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Inspiring and engaging keynotes on business model innovation, leadership, business model shifts, Design thinking and doing and more.

Your event will take place in the near future and you don’t want to create just any other event. You want to create a full blown experience for your customers or team. We feel you. Let us inspire your audience! We give inspiring and engaging keynotes on Business model innovation, leadership, business model shifts, Design thinking and doing and more.  


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Highly engaging
A keynote designed to the needs and interests of the audience. We interact with the audience and share examples that relate to them. 


Energy booster
Our keynote speakers deliver the keynotes in a fast pace with a clear and inspiring structure, which leads to an energized audience. 


It opens the eyes of your audience
The newest content with clear examples and practical tools will help the audience to get a new perspective.


Together we design the best solution for your event; the topic, the keynote speaker, and the location (either digitally or physically). 





“Patrick’s keynote was just amazing and many people make me very positive feedback about it! Very inspiring, very relevant, very captivating !”

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We will create a keynote which fits your needs and will inspire your audience. Herewith a few examples of potential topics. Please talk to one of our colleagues to discuss your needs.


Business model innovation
Trends, examples, tips & tricks.

Business model shifts
In depth information and inspiration about a specific business model shift or shifts.

How can leaders lead their companies in an innovative way.

Design thinking and more
How can design thinking be adapted to make sure you know where to add value next.

Email Joyce and write her a message, she will be more than happy to discuss the possibilities!

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