Business model shifts training

Episode #2 | the platform shift –  23, 30 June & 7 July

In this training you will learn what is needed to shift to an exponential business model.

Business model shifts training 

As business leaders, decision-makers and change agents, it’s up to you to shift your organization’s business model. In this online training you will learn why you need to move away from traditional, outdated, business models to increase value for your customers.

Six ways to create new value for your customers

Every organization, including yours, is being forced to question and rethink its business model. So today is as good day as any to ask yourself; what’s truly relevant for your customers and stakeholders, now and in the future?

We have identified six business model shifts that allow you the opportunity to kick-start your innovation effort and that will help you to find out where there is value next. Curious to find out more about each shift and see how it can be relevant to your organization? Check out all six here.

Join one of our trainings and learn all about the shift that is relevant for your organization.

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As innovator you embrace the idea of doing things differently and you challenge the status quo. You consider new possibilities and love to achieve growth. You turn a vision into new products and services. Business Model Shifts offers you 6 spaces to discover and explore new business models. Join the training covering the shift of your specific interest.

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Wether you are working on circular solutions, exponential challenges, focussing on stakeholders, building platforms, moving towards services, or are concentrating on a digital world, this series of trainings helps you to understand the contextual trends and inspires you to create new value on the shift of your interest.

The results


customer-valueA deeper understanding of one of the Business Model Shifts and customer value
You will have a better understanding of the shift mindset and how it will help you in your search for customer value


A backpack full of innovation tools and inspiring cases
You will learn from companies that are at the forefront of the shift movements. 


All the tools you need to shift your business model
You will get access to all the design thinking tools, tips and tricks, you need to kick-start your innovation effort.


Understand how to make the appropriate shift for your business
What steps need to be taken in order to shift.


What to expect of this training



The program

The next episode: the exponential shift

We have all heard of companies such as Google, SpaceX, or Netflix, so what do they have in common? Well, they all embraced the exponential shift.

Mark your calendar because in this training, we will hand you all tools in order to shift from an incremental to an exponential business model. We will dive into success stories and failures, what we can learn from them. What steps need to be taken? And we will raise the most important question; Where can we create value next? Want to know more about the exponential shift? Read about it here.

The price for this training is €695,- per person excluding V.A.T.

This training is scheduled for 23, 30 June & 7 July from 09h00 to 12h00 CET.

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