Business model shifts training

Digital shift – 10,17 & 24 March

€895,- (ex. VAT)

Platform shift – 12,19 & 26 May

€895,- (ex. VAT)

Exponential shift – 23, 30 June & 7 July

€895,- (ex. VAT)

Circular shift – 15, 22 & 29 September

€895,- (ex. VAT)

Stakeholder shift – 27 October & 3, 10 November

€895,- (ex. VAT)

Services shift – 1, 8 & 15 December

€895,- (ex. VAT)

Business model shifts training 

Be one of the first and dive into one of the six shifts and learn what steps you need to take to shift during this online training program.

Where is value next?

Today has never been a better time to ask yourselves “What value should we create for customers?”, and “Where are we going to shift our business and value creation?” The good thing is that you don’t have to start innovating out of the blue. You can pick one of the 6 shifts to clearly frame and kickstart your innovation effort. Delve into one of the six shifts during the online training and learn what steps you need to take to shift. Are you interested? Leave your details and receive the brochure with detailed information.

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The results


customer-valueUnderstand where customer value is evolving
It is about where the value is heading next. Learn the why behind the shift.


Understand how to make the appropriate shift for your business
What steps need to be taken in order to shift.


A backpack full of inspiring cases
Learn about successful models and also about failing ones.


Practical insights
Gain practical insights to learn from and more importantly how to apply them to your own business model in order to fulfil the needs and desires of your customers.


A toolbox with the best business design tools
Work on the Business Model Canvas, Value proposition and more and learn how to use it to design your next shift.



Program overview 

Intro. 1 shift = 1 episode. Per episode there are 3 design sprints, every Wednesday morning for 3 weeks. From 09.00 – 12.00 AM (CEST), fully digital. Facilitated by the world’s leading domain experts. Check our agenda for upcoming episodes.

Hear from the authors of the book about value creation & the why behind the shift.


The class will be divided into teams. Start applying your newly learned insights and tools and design your shift with your fellow peers.


Great! You have designed multiple business model options. What to do next? Get insights in how to make the shift and transform your business.


E-meet and learn directly from the experts and like-minded people.


Upcoming edition

First upcoming episode in March: The Digital Shift.
Three half days – 10, 17 & 24 March.

No doubt, at this point you’ve probably heard about digital transformation, big data, growth hacking, digital channels, leveraging social media, and other buzz-worthy terms.

What does digital really mean? Where is the opportunity to connect to customers in a digital way? Which new customer segments can we reach by emerging ourselves in the digital world? What additional value can be created and delivered if we go digital? What can we learn and apply from companies that are making this shift or made this shift already?

Let’s discuss. In this episode you will learn everything about the digital shift. Businesses who move towards using digital technologies to create more value for their current and new customer segments.

Learn about successful models, learn about failures. Learn about what steps need to be taken in order to make this shift!

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